KSYS GROUP is an IT project managmenet firm – we architect and build IT solutions for mid-sized companies in the Chicagoland area.  KSYS GROUP specializes in:

  • IT project management:  Planning, budgeting, managing, and implementing IT projects.
  • IT systems process improvement:  Examining current IT infrastructure and recommending how to improve upon it to increase performance, reliability, or reduce cost.
  • Ongoing IT support:  Handling company help desk responsibilities and end user support.
  • Emergency response:  System recovery, workaround, off hours/holidays support for corporate/key user issues, disaster recovery scenarios, security breaches and hardware/software failure.
  • Network Architecture: Design and management of “ground-up” IT infrastructure projects.
  • Implemenation:  KSYS GROUP employs a staff of field engineers, system engineers,  developers, and managing consultants to implement and maintain IT solutions.

KSYS GROUP recommends and implements and supports Microsoft technologies, including:

  • Microsoft Windows Active Directory, Domain controller support
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Installation, Management, and Hosting
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server Installation, Management, and Hosting
  • Retail POS installation, migration, and support, specializing in Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 IT implementation, support, and ongoing development

Additional areas of expertise that we deliver to our clients:

  • Application Server support:  Custom applications, payroll servers, ERP/MRP/Business lifecycle servers.
  • Scripting and Data migration services, utilizing AutoHotKey and Visual Basic
  • IT Department management:  parts cribs, documentation control, procedural development, training structure
  • Wide Area Network design and support, specializing in Cisco and Barracuda hardware
  • Local Area Network design and support – Wiring management, Fiber Optic backbones, VLAN management
  • Digital Security – IP security cameras and security servers for single and multi site locations
  • IP Telephony – SIP/hosted PBX installation and support
  • Manufacturing Equipment – PLC to database interfacing, PLC to network setup and configuration
  • Linux and Microsoft website hosting, development and support
  • Off-site/Collocation hosting and setup.

If given the chance, most mid and small sized companies prefer one IT partner to address their needs, so to provide our customers with complete support, KSYS GROUP has experience in a wide array of IT related business objectives.  Please contact us to discuss your project and how KSYS GROUP can make it successful.