Mozy recently announced a change in their pricing structure that effectively eliminates their $5/month unlimited size backups.  Due to this several of our customer’s data backup plans need to be moved to a new solution.  Two competitors to Mozy lead the way,  Crashplan and Backblaze both offer more features, unlimited space, and are priced competitively.  The concern with migration to one of these companies is that if Mozy couldn’t maintain the business model, what’s to stop the same thing from happening to one of these companies once they grow?

The long term resolution to this question for K Systems is to move to Crashplan pro, which gives the functionality of Crashplan/Backblaze/Mozy, etc but the off-site storage is a non-Crashplan server.  Instead of customers backing up to Crashplan’s server,  they would back up to one of K Systems co-location servers.  That changes the pricing structure to essentially a 1 time software license fee from Crashplan, along with ongoing bandwidth and space overhead of our server.  The end goal is to offer our customers a lower cost then what they would pay through Crashplan, as well as the ability to offer this solution for off-site server backup, a feature that online backup companies do not offer or charge higher fees for.