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K Systems is an information technology management firm, working with small and mid-sized businesses in the Chicagoland area. We develop and implement business technology projects and provide ongoing support.

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Increasing communication.

One of the initiatives that ksys group as a company has taken on is increased customer communication.  I think as an IT company we fell into the mistake of other service related companies:

  •  “the customer just want’s it done, they don’t care about the details”
  • “I am waiting to update the customer until there is news to update”

It took a long time to realize this was probably the worse way to handle customer communication.  Turning 180 degrees from this has greatly improved our customer relationships – explaining why things take longer or contacting the customer even when there is no real update has been appreciated by everyone we work with.  This is an objective we are still working with on a daily basis to keep improving.


A nice tool/touch for websites is to update the favicon.ico – WordPress has a nice plugin called All in one Favicon that makes it easy to keep this maintained – I started using this after a WordPress update erased the favicon.ico that I put in place for the site via ftp, and realized there had to be an easier way then constantly overwriting the default favicon.ico.  The only thing it doesn’t do is insert the favicon link tag (<link rel=”shortcut icon” …> or <link rel=”icon” …>) which would be a little more html compliant, however I think its something I can live without.

Now I just have to edit the current favicon.ico to have a transparent background… but that’s low on my todo list…

Microsoft Convergence 2011

The K Systems management team will be attending Microsoft Convergence 2011 in Atlanta  4/10-4/13. The convention for all things Dynamics is going to be a great opportunity to get exposed to Dynamics Ax 2012,  as well as some sessions on how to maximize customer productivity and ROI through Dynamics 2009.  I’m also looking forward to seeing our customers and partners at the convention.  See you there!