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K Systems is an information technology management firm, working with small and mid-sized businesses in the Chicagoland area. We develop and implement business technology projects and provide ongoing support.

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I love Exchange Server SMS integration

I can’t get enough of SMS Text Message Notification in Microsoft Exchange10/2013.  Its one of the most obvious benefits for customers to migrate to the newest version of exchange.  Sure there are other great things, but this is a great stepping stone for small and medium sized businesses moving to a truly unified communications platform.  The biggest problem with it is going overboard and spamming yourself with text messages.

On our own exchange server I use the SMS notifications on inbox rules:

  • When I get high importance message, in addition to the sender getting an email that says they should not be emailing me in an emergency, they should call me (an ongoing problem), I get a text.
  • Emails from certain customers I can be texted right away, and has helped a lot getting quick responses back to customers.

Small things, but they have gone a long way to improving my communication with customers.

Wiring Racks

For main distribution frames for mid sized installations (50+300 ports), we try to stick to a very organized and deliberate wiring setup to ensure long term organization and ease of use. 

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Mozy recently announced a change in their pricing structure that effectively eliminates their $5/month unlimited size backups.  Due to this several of our customer’s data backup plans need to be moved to a new solution.  Two competitors to Mozy lead the way,  Crashplan and Backblaze both offer more features, unlimited space, and are priced competitively.  The concern with migration to one of these companies is that if Mozy couldn’t maintain the business model, what’s to stop the same thing from happening to one of these companies once they grow?

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The best slump ever

From my perspective, we are in a technology slump, and it’s been this way for a while.  I haven’t seen any barrier broken that has me excited in recent years.  I’m not doing back flips for USB 3.0 or SATA 3.0, and I’m not drooling over new CPU architecture.  Bottom line is that these breakthroughs are not really helping me or mid-sized customers reach goals.

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The Microsoft licensing program makes sense for a large company:  You have a bulk purchase of servers, so you need bulk copies of Microsoft software, and Microsoft has a licensing program to cater to enterprise licensing needs.

However, when you only have a few licenses to purchase, as a midsized company, the licensing program loses its luster.  Sure you can get some nice advantages through the Microsoft program (free upgrade programs, discounts based on licensing tier, payment plans, etc), but Microsoft licenses are a big chunk of change new. 

Thus the tempting option of software liquidator firms and eBay come into focus.  You don’t have to worry about payment plans or contracts if you’re paying a third of the MSRP for the software. 

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