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K Systems is an information technology management firm, working with small and mid-sized businesses in the Chicagoland area. We develop and implement business technology projects and provide ongoing support.

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Cloud storage wars

As companies compete for market share in cloud storage, I notice that the aftermath cleanup is falling on small business IT more and more often. Dropbox, Google drive, Apple iCloud, MS one drive are all over the place, with many of these companies closely integrating their cloud storage solutions with their main products (e.g. Gmail and Google drive,  Apple hardware and iCloud).

Consumers will latch on to these solutions, but almost always in a hybridized way where half their stuff is on their local machine and half of it is in the cloud.  Get a couple different departments or users going their own direction, then file migration becomes that more complex when your trying to migrate a client to a file storage solution or collaboration platform.

Although cross product integration is getting closer, there is still strong resistance on some of these companies to play nice with their competitors’ cloud systems.  The end result is a mish mosh of solutions and a lot of doubt when planning for cloud storage in the long term.

Email Blacklisting and big domains

Recently we were doing a lot of scrambling dealing with Hotmail.com and outlook.com domains being listed on email blacklists SORBS.  While I understand that a blacklist like SORBS is not distinguishing Hotmail.com from a individual company domain, reality sure is.  That reality is that I don’t know many email administrators who can confidently tell their employer that a email site like Hotmail.com has been restricted from emailing anyone at the company, and that’s a good thing.  Its just too broad of a user base.  I personally have no way to argue the point – what can a Hotmail user do to not be on the blacklist?  Very little.  I like SORBS and I want to continue to use it, but I wish they had these large mail domains (yahoo.com, Hotmail.com, aol.com, etc.) in their own blacklist filter.  That way we could still subscribe to SORBS, but not subscribe to the SORBS large mail domain filter, and instead rely on our server-side mail filters to protect us at that point.

Convergence 2012 recap

Convergence 2012 was a valuable experience, key highlights:

  • Weath of information on Management reporter, the changes to management reporter in Dynamics AX 2012
  • Lot of value added information on Microsoft Forecaster, and how this tool works with management reporter and FRx.
  • Great opportunity to discuss various customer related issues and questions with Microsoft Technical resources, I think all combined we spent about 4 hours working with various techs. 
  • AX 2012 upgrade and feature information was useful as customers to ROI analysis and project planning for 2012 upgrades.
  • Some excellent sessions on Microsoft CRM cloud, how it integrates with SharePoint, and some excellent feature sessions and user adoption sessions.

Convergence 2013 is in new orleans, same dates as this year, and I think we will be signing up again,  this was our second year and so far every year this convention has been worth it.

Convergence 2012

Microsoft Convergence 2012 occurs this year March 18-21 in Houston Texas.  Our team is looking forward to attend convergence, last year was overall a valuable experience.  Microsoft Convergence is a convention hosted by Microsoft focused on the Microsoft business product line (Dynamics AX,  Dynamics GP, Dynamics CRM, and more).  

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Wiring Racks

For main distribution frames for mid sized installations (50+300 ports), we try to stick to a very organized and deliberate wiring setup to ensure long term organization and ease of use. 

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