KSYS GROUP was founded in 1998, and has grown to specialize in the needs of mid-sized businesses.  Serving the Chicago-land area, KSYS GROUP works to develop long term relationships with our clients, supporting our client’s IT projects as well as ongoing IT support needs.  Our significant exposure in the manufacturing sector has also allowed us to better serve our manufacturing clients, helping address the unique IT needs within industry.

As a mid-sized business, or a small business with significant growth potential, it is difficult to derive true value by investing in IT.  That’s where we feel KSYS GROUP fits in:

IT Value

The IT industry on a whole is structured to serve the enterprise business or the consumer business, with little in-between.  An enterprise business can purchase cutting edge IT solutions and pay the associated high cost, since that enterprise can spread that cost through the thousands of employees who can take advantage of the solution.  A mid sized company needs similar infrastructure, but doesn’t have the employee base to spread those costs.  Meanwhile, consumer level solutions are affordable, but since they were not devised for a business environment a mid sized company who is relegated to consumer solutions learns to settle with equipment that doesn’t fully fit their IT need.

KSYS GROUP works with mid-sized businesses to overcome this challenge.  Incorporating a mix of strategies driven by experience and focus in the mid-sized industry, we work to give the mid-sized business the best advantage it can in the IT landscape.  We can best be described as “IT generalists” – Our team posseses knowledge of a wide range of IT solutions and how these solutions integrate and serve the business life cycle.  From our perspective it gives us the ability to develop efficient, successful strategies incorporating and integrating specialized solutions into an overall IT plan.