As companies compete for market share in cloud storage, I notice that the aftermath cleanup is falling on small business IT more and more often. Dropbox, Google drive, Apple iCloud, MS one drive are all over the place, with many of these companies closely integrating their cloud storage solutions with their main products (e.g. Gmail and Google drive,  Apple hardware and iCloud).

Consumers will latch on to these solutions, but almost always in a hybridized way where half their stuff is on their local machine and half of it is in the cloud.  Get a couple different departments or users going their own direction, then file migration becomes that more complex when your trying to migrate a client to a file storage solution or collaboration platform.

Although cross product integration is getting closer, there is still strong resistance on some of these companies to play nice with their competitors’ cloud systems.  The end result is a mish mosh of solutions and a lot of doubt when planning for cloud storage in the long term.