ksysgroup uses Microsoft CRM Online to manage service tickets and projects, and there is interest in developing a portal for customers to submit and review Cases directly from our CRM system, eliminating the need to email clients and reducing the risk of a communication breakdown.  I was reading this blog post about Microsoft CRM and how to visualize the architecture of the system when you want to connect to CRM through the web.  The excerpt that grabbed my attention was:

“CRM Portal can be built with all major web technologies, i.e.: .Net, Java, PHP, Ruby. It doesn’t matter how you design the user front end, on the back end they call CRM references to perform actions.”

This made me put the idea of a CRM portal into better perspective, and I felt put us in the right direction when it comes to building our own customer CRM portal.   We are hoping to have the portal completed by the first half of 2014.



A sample of the type of portal that can be built and connected to Microsoft Dynamics CRM