I hope you and yours had a good holiday, and wasn’t too stressful.  Like most years, the holiday was busy, but productive for K Sys.  Most IT consultants tend to be working quite a bit over the holiday, mostly because its a great time to catch up on work.  Although there are always exceptions to the rule (retail), most mid sized company managers and decision makers are on vacation, or in holiday mode, and thus the amount of fresh work in the in box tapers off.  An excellent opportunity to clean up network rooms, take down servers for maintenance, etc.  Every year I fight against biting off more then I can chew during this time, and over the years I learned to break a big holiday project into smaller milestones that can stand up on their own, so if I get in over my head I can end the project on one of these milestones, rather then having to finish the whole thing.

It was a great year for K Systems, and Id like to thank our customers and their employees for that, and Im looking forward to a even better 2011.