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K Systems is an information technology management firm, working with small and mid-sized businesses in the Chicagoland area. We develop and implement business technology projects and provide ongoing support.

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IT Management Consulting

We’ve moved!

Our new location is located at 7550 Linder Avenue, Skokie IL.  This location is about 14k square feet which everyone is happy about, since things were getting pretty cramped at the old office.



Increasing communication.

One of the initiatives that ksys group as a company has taken on is increased customer communication.  I think as an IT company we fell into the mistake of other service related companies:

  •  “the customer just want’s it done, they don’t care about the details”
  • “I am waiting to update the customer until there is news to update”

It took a long time to realize this was probably the worse way to handle customer communication.  Turning 180 degrees from this has greatly improved our customer relationships – explaining why things take longer or contacting the customer even when there is no real update has been appreciated by everyone we work with.  This is an objective we are still working with on a daily basis to keep improving.

Federated sharing in Exchange

I see clients working more and more closely with their vendors and customers.  Its great to be able to facilitate these things with extranets and portals, but one of the first easy steps toward bringing companies together is to have their exchange servers do a little bit of sharing.  Allowing other companies to see free/busy data to schedule meetings, access to some contact information, etc. are great ways to help companies work together in a relatively safe way.

I love Exchange Server SMS integration

I can’t get enough of SMS Text Message Notification in Microsoft Exchange10/2013.  Its one of the most obvious benefits for customers to migrate to the newest version of exchange.  Sure there are other great things, but this is a great stepping stone for small and medium sized businesses moving to a truly unified communications platform.  The biggest problem with it is going overboard and spamming yourself with text messages.

On our own exchange server I use the SMS notifications on inbox rules:

  • When I get high importance message, in addition to the sender getting an email that says they should not be emailing me in an emergency, they should call me (an ongoing problem), I get a text.
  • Emails from certain customers I can be texted right away, and has helped a lot getting quick responses back to customers.

Small things, but they have gone a long way to improving my communication with customers.

Cloud storage wars

As companies compete for market share in cloud storage, I notice that the aftermath cleanup is falling on small business IT more and more often. Dropbox, Google drive, Apple iCloud, MS one drive are all over the place, with many of these companies closely integrating their cloud storage solutions with their main products (e.g. Gmail and Google drive,  Apple hardware and iCloud).

Consumers will latch on to these solutions, but almost always in a hybridized way where half their stuff is on their local machine and half of it is in the cloud.  Get a couple different departments or users going their own direction, then file migration becomes that more complex when your trying to migrate a client to a file storage solution or collaboration platform.

Although cross product integration is getting closer, there is still strong resistance on some of these companies to play nice with their competitors’ cloud systems.  The end result is a mish mosh of solutions and a lot of doubt when planning for cloud storage in the long term.